Very little of the sound from the speakers is heard directly. Nearly all of it is reflected before it reaches our ears, and the material doing the reflecting makes an enormous difference.

The Owens Corning patented Acoustic Room System (ARS) is the only acoustic product in the marketplace that achieves acoustic performance down to 100 Hz with a profile of only 1 ¼”.


With CinemaTech's ARS system, your private home theater acoustics can be precisely tuned according to a room’s design, audio/video equipment and the your unique intended usage and preferences.

CinemaTech exclusively designs and installs the patented Acoustic Room System (ARS) in each of our theaters. Owens Corning invested millions of dollars into the development of the product and offers hard science to prove its performance.


Precisely custom fit in the field by CinemaTech certified installation teams to overcome many common obstacles that most acoustical treatment solutions could not surpass.

With an engineered combination of high frequency absorption, reflective, low frequency absorption and diffusion acoustic panels, CinemaTech acoustically tunes the theater environment to achieve the maximum performance from the client’s sound system investment.


With ever changing design trends and preferences in private home theaters on a yearly basis, CinemaTech's Acoustic Room System (ARS) is expertly equipped to exceed expectations.

CinemaTech’s expert theater designers and skilled installation technicians can incorporate the ARS product into any design without impacting the aesthetics of the space. Pre-planning through CinemaTech's Design Service Program assures a smooth installation. Assuring that the homeowner only is required to  invest in CinemaTech's  ARS system once.

Step #1

Room is prepped by builder or general contractor to CinemaTech's guidelines.

Items required to be installed prior to the arrival of a CinemaTech Installation Technician, may or may not include elements such as wood blocking for  items to be flush to finished surface, all lighting and AV equipment and certain architectural woodworking (if not provided by CinemaTech). Other more specific items may be required depending on each specific project.  Click Here for a list of commonly required items prior to the installation of CinemaTech's ARS System.

Step #2

CinemaTech Installation Technician will apply the fabric tracking to the prepared wall surfaces.

Next the CinemaTech Installation Technician will apply the 1.25 inch deep fabric retainer around the perimeter of each wall area to be acoustically treated. The retainer will securely hold the fabric, that is installed  in the 4th and final step.

Step #3

Step #4

CinemaTech Installation Technician will apply the specific acoustical panels as deemed through acoustical analysis.

CinemaTech Installation Technician will install the fabric into the fabric tracking to fully cover the entire wall surface.

Reversible diaphragmatic panels and high frequency diffusers are then applied directly to the sheetrock according to the strict specifications from the detailed acoustic modeling diagram based on our acoustical analysis. This modeling diagram is the culmination of several factors including the type and placement of speakers, the intended “sweet spot” and the architectural features of the room, thus providing every room with a custom acoustic design. Enabling the room to sound the very best possible, while achieving the maximum performance level of the sound system investment.

After a couple of days (depending on the size and intricacies of the room) the acoustical treatment is hidden forever by the acoustically transparent fabric and finishing touches that are applied to provide a stunning theater environment, with acoustical performance that any audiophile will envy.


With thousands of fabric manufacturers that offer acoustically transparent fabrics, below are some we use the most.