Our Philosophy

The CinemaTech Philosophy

It is impossible to read the Wall Street Journal, attend a pro
sporting event or watch a feature film without seeing a
CinemaTech Client.

With over a decade and half of experience, serving the highest
clientele in the world, to put it simply...

CinemaTech does not do easy, simple or ordinary.


No room is alike, we understand and embrace this fact. By custom designing every room we are brought into, CinemaTech can truly create a one-of-a-kind home theater.

At CinemaTech we create beauty, we create usability, we create inspiration.

With our expertise, CinemaTech is able to push the boundaries of what a private home theater is and what it can be. We know what to ask and we listen.

We create a room that all other rooms in your house will aspire to be.


At CinemaTech, we're not interested in creating rooms that are built just to look good. Our home theaters not
only look beautiful, they sound
and feel beautiful.

We don’t believe in beauty without performance, or performance without beauty. Instead, we choose to engineer home theaters that combine the many facets of performance to create something exceptional.

To us, home theaters are not just another room in your home. They are machines, they are vacations, they have the power to transport you wherever you want.


CinemaTech was born because of the absence of something great, the lack
of beautiful, powerful home
theater seating.

In the last 15 years, CinemaTech has grown to the level it has because at its core, we are a company that feels the love of creating, inventing and enhancing which never gets old.