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6 Profit-Generating Strategies to Win Home Theater Projects

Our Showroom Is Your Showroom

CinemaTech’s showroom, located in the Design Center of Americas (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), is a great place to bring your clients to demonstrate seating options, design trends and more! Schedule an appointment today so that we can provide you and your client with an exclusive experience.

Provide Expert Design Services

Using CinemaTech’s Design Service Program, you and your clients can ensure their home cinema is expertly designed and provides the ultimate viewing accommodating, seating arrangements and audio experience. CinemaTech does the heavy lifting, allowing your team to sit back and relax.

Pull Up A Seat For Your Client

If your client does not have the ability to visit our showroom, CinemaTech will bring the experience to them. Our team will transport selected seating models to their home for in-person demonstration.*

*Availability based on location.

Partner With Our Marketing Team

CinemaTech’s Partner Marketing Program enables you to create co-branded marketing campaigns that win new business. From landing pages to showroom signage and collateral, we can help provide marketing tools that convert!

Ensure The Best Sound Quality with ARS

CinemaTech’s acoustical treatment system is the only product on the market to deliver sound, down to 100Hz, within a 1.25″ profile. This means, not only can your client actually hear the pin drop, but it will not interfere with the aesthetics of the space.

Feature Us In Your Showroom

By putting our seating or acoustical treatment in your showroom, clients will have the ability to experience the industry’s best products for their home cinema. CinemaTech provides discounted pricing for showroom placement.

Let’s Win, Together!

Working with CinemaTech on your clients’ home theater project gives you a significant advantage over the competition. CinemaTech’s in-house design expertise, paired with award-winning seating and patented acoustical treatment provides you with a complete, packaged, solution to complement your audio / video offering. 

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, contact us below or fill out the form to the right!


Alexandria Murphy
P. 972.381.1071 Ext 237

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