5 Best Home Theater Seating Layouts

cinemtech best home theater seating layouts
DESIGN STORIES   | November 22, 2019



The way people use a home theater has drastically changed over time. While it’s common to see home theaters designed with traditional seating layouts, new home theaters have captured the popularity of flex-spaces. Years ago, a homeowner installed a home theater for the purpose of a private screening room with family and colleagues. As our lifestyles have progressed, so has residential interior design, which has significantly influenced home theater design. As the leader in home theater design, seating and acoustical treatments, we want to share with you the best home theater seating layouts for any home.


 1. Home Theater Sofa in the Front With Dedicated Theater Seating In The Back



Cinematech Home theater seating with sofa in front


Having a home theater sofa as the first row in a home theater is probably the most popular trend we see in our home theater design requests. When homeowners entertain in the space, having a room with mixed seating presents a casual, more fluid experience. Home theater sofa seating, while similar, is different than your traditional living room sofa. Since guests are in one position for a longer period of time, home theater sofas are designed with deeper seat pans as well as motorized feet and head rests for maximum support. CinemaTech’s Estrella and Sonoma home theater sofas offer this unique capability.


  2. Bar In The Rear Of The Home Theater


CinemaTech Home theater with bar in back


We’ve all been there – we invite our friends and family to our home and more people show up than expected! Usually, in traditional home theater designs, guests would have to awkwardly sit on the floor, squeeze into a seat with someone else, or worse, stand. As home theaters are becoming more of an entertainment platform, CinemaTech often designs for a bar to be placed in the rear of the home theater. Bar-height seating for a home theater is truly one of the best ways to account for a growing guest list, or, a come-and-go atmosphere.


 3. Dedicated Seating With Loveseats


Cinematech Loveseat home theater seating


Traditional theater seating certainly has its place in home theater design. But what if you want to cuddle in those seats? Suddenly, the fixed armrest becomes a barrier. CinemaTech’s incline seating can be customized into a love-seat configuration. Why would someone do this, you ask? While home theater sofas provide excellent lounging opportunity, they don’t always provide the structured, ergonomic, support from a traditional home theater incline seat. By designing the incliner with loveseat functionality, you provide a couple with maximum support and the ability to be closer to their significant other.


4. Sofa Style Seating In A Theater Setting


cinematech home theater sofa style seating


Clean, modern home theater design doesn’t always allow for traditional home theater seating. Many, new, home theater designs call for low-profile seating which can be difficult to achieve with high-back incline seats. Home theater sofa seating, like CinemaTech’s ACT 1 Estrella, Sonoma and Paseo, or CinemaTech’s ACT 2 Katana and Bavarian, give you the ability to configure the seats in a club seat, love seat or lounge configuration. Aside from design aesthetics, this type of configuration provides a relaxed and comfortable environment.


5. Sofa bed


cinematech most popular home theater sofa style seating 


Last but not least, home theater sofa beds. We’re not talking about the uncomfortable, pullout, springs in your back, sofa bed; but a dedicated lounge seat that extends the width of the furniture. Homeowners with families and kids find this feature a “must-have” in their theater design. This home theater seating layout is the perfect solution to completely lounge and spread out or may even be a good place for a nap. All of CinemaTech’s theater sofa selections can be designed in this configuration. You just choose the style, features and size you want and our design team takes care of the rest!


Your home theater should be a reflection of how you live within your home. Whether your living style is more relaxed or structured, your home theater seating layout should mirror your tastes. CinemaTech works with homeowners all of the world and sees how cultural influences shape the way we interact with a space, especially a home theater. By having seating options that can be customized to your experiences, we can ensure your home theater provides the most comfortable and inviting atmosphere possible.

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