Bespoke Cinema Design

CinemaTech provides unparalleled expertise from many of the industry’s most talented designers, acoustical engineers, and artisans.

Design Service Program

CinemaTech’s Design Service Program expertly guides you through each aspect of creating the best private home cinema, including seating design, enhancing the acoustics in the room and making sure the visual design of the space goes with the rest of the home.

Unparalleled Expertise.
Obsessed About Your Vision.

CinemaTech’s licensed design team consults with you to share expertise on how to achieve the specific performance and design intent. During the consultation, CinemaTech takes into account several parts of the theater including:


What is your vision for how the theater looks and feels? Are you looking for a fresh modern space, transitional or turn of the century glamour? CinemaTech’s design team creates over 70 bespoke cinema environments each year for every taste.


CinemaTech provides the proper riser depth, riser height and riser location for viewing along with walkways both in front of the seating and on each side. Our team ensures that the sight lines and viewing angles provide the optimum viewing conditions.


Proper lighting plays an essential role to the visual design of the space. CinemaTech’s resources don’t just include wall sconces and LED accents but also feature cutting-edge fiber optic galaxy ceilings for an immersive experience.

Acoustical Performance

CinemaTech recommends the placement of its ARS treatment to maximize the sound system. The system is designed to fit into any design without effecting the aesthetics of the space.

Concept Drawings

How it Works

Introductory Meeting

Learn about the Design Services Program and how we work with clients. In this meeting we will discuss your preferred construction timeframes and explain the theater design / installation process. Following this initial discussion, information is provided on how to proceed with our fully refundable Design Service Program.

Design Consultation

Meet with our Theater Design Team to discuss your vision for the style and uses of your private home cinema. Topics will include the type of viewing events you plan, the desired guest capacity, equipment options and seating choices. This meeting can occur through a visit to one of our Design Centers or through a video conference.

Preliminary Design Drawings

AutoCAD conceptual design plans are created. These plans cover the seating layout, sightline views, viewing angles and dimensional room analysis for acoustical optimization. This step concludes with review of the plans and an in-depth discussion of any questions you may have.

Material/Finish Selection & 3D Renderings

CinemaTech can provide material and finish samples during a meeting at one of our Design Centers or by mailing samples to you. With samples in hand, we will then assist in the final selection of materials and finishes. This step concludes  with the development of 3D renderings so you can see the room exactly as it will appear when constructed.

I’m inspired by our clients. A home theater can be whatever you want it to be, and seeing our clients get excited about creating a one of a kind piece in their home is what drives my enthusiasm and creativity.  The goal is to create a unique home theater experience that our clients will enjoy for a lifetime.​

Stacey Chu

Dir Theater Design, CinemaTech

Before & After

Compare our 3D rendering versus the actual built space. Slide the scroll bar from left to right.


How do we start the process?

The way to start is a simple web-based meeting between the client and CinemaTech. We want you to be 100% comfortable with our team. We can answer every question you have. CinemaTech’s Design Service Program allows you to know exactly what your theater will look like and cost, before construction begins.

How long does the process take?

Most projects from time of engagement to completion of theater documentation take 2 – 3 months but CinemaTech can complete the process in less time based on the client’s response and decision making.

I have an Interior Designer. Why should I use your team as well?

CinemaTech works with the leading interior designers in the world. CinemaTech’s design team only deals with your home theater, whereas your interior designer will be providing solutions for your entire home. CinemaTech’s design teams has designed and installed over 1,000 theaters worldwide. This experience and expertise is invaluable in helping your designer achieve the exact vision they are looking for; with the performance that CinemaTech acumen brings.

Do you provide construction documents?

Yes, for an additional fee, CinemaTech can provide detailed drawings for your entire project.


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