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Our acoustical treatment delivers performance at the speed of sound. Precise tuning ensures rich and inviting sounds are experienced throughout the theater.

Premier Acoustical Performance

Most of the sound heard in a home theater is reflected from surfaces before it reaches the ears. The materials used to coat the interior walls will make an enormous difference in sound quality.

To ensure premier audio performance, CinemaTech installs Acoustic Room System (ARS) treatment into each of our theaters. Developed at a cost in the millions of dollars, the results of the ARS treatment will thrill even the most discerning audiophiles and movie enthusiast alike.

Absorption + Reflection

With CinemaTech’s ARS treatment, your private home theater will be precisely tuned to the room’s design, audio equipment, and your unique preferences.

Through the precise design and installation of high and low-frequency absorption, reflection, and diffusion acoustical panels, CinemaTech engineers the theater environment to maximize the investment made in theater audio equipment.

100Hz @ 1.25″

CinemaTech’s patented Acoustic Room System treatment is the only product in the market that achieves performance down to 100 Hz with panels that are only 1.25 inches in depth.

CinemaTech’s certified theater installation team will design the acoustical treatments to overcome any unusual theater characteristics such as curved walls and unusual door placements.  Every seat in the theater will be the “money seat” no matter where you or your guests chose to enjoy the show.

Did You Know?

Sound Absorption vs Sound Isolation

Sound Absorption

The use of absorbers, diffusers, and reflectors to help give a room the desired acoustic (sound) characteristics.


Sound Isolation

Sound proofing the room so that the minimal amount of sound will transfer in and out of the room while in use.


Form, Function & Aesthetic

CinemaTech’s expert theater designers and skilled installation technicians can incorporate the ARS treatment into any theater installation without impacting the aesthetics of the space.

CinemaTech’s Design Service Program ensures the acoustical wall treatments are smoothly integrated into the overall theater design before installation begins. The ARS treatment will provide a rich and beautiful audio experience, yet the acoustical partners will not be seen.

Step 1

The Room is Prepared for Build-out

Build-out components may include items such as wood blocking, lighting, A/V equipment, and architectural woodworking.

Step 2

Fabric Tracking is Applied to the Prepared Wall Surface

The CinemaTech Installation Technician will apply the 1.25-inch-deep fabric retainer around the perimeter of each wall area that will be acoustically treated. The tracking retainer will securely hold the fabric that is installed during Step #4.

Step 3

The Acoustical Panels Are Mounted

Reversible diaphragmatic panels and high-frequency diffusers are then applied to the sheetrock as indicated by the acoustic modeling diagram provided by CinemaTech. This modeling diagram is the culmination of the customized acoustic design process.

Step 4

The Fabric is Installed Into the Track System

Acoustically-transparent fabric and finishing touches are applied throughout the private theater. These fabrics provide a stunning theater environment with acoustical performance characteristics that will thrill even the most discerning audiophiles.


Who installs the system?

CinemaTech Acoustic Room System is installed by CinemaTech Certified Installers. This completely stress and worry free process is completed by Installers that have years and in some cases decades of successful installation experience.

How does ARS enhance my sound?

CinemaTech ARS dramatically improves the acoustical quality of your theater. Most private home theaters are “sound proofed” incorrectly. Over and over we see/hear rooms that are overly dampened. Unfortunately clients will “hear” the difference in this “dead” sounding room and incorrectly think it has been acoustically treated.

CinemaTech Acoustic Room System enhances your sound system providing vivid sounds. A properly installed Acoustic Room System theater will sound lively and perform to the speaker manufacturers optimal level.

What is the difference in Sound Isolation vs Acoustic Enhancement?

Sound Isolation means “keeping the sound in the room.” Proper sound isolation will isolate dispersion to the theater room and not disturb family members in other areas of the home.

Acoustical Enhancement refers to improving the sound quality; allowing your sound system to perform and sound as it was designed.

Why is ARS different than using acoustical panels at first point of reflection?

Applying a few panels “strategically” is a poor example of acoustical treatment. A few panels in the room is something CinemaTech would never recommend. Mathematically, yes they will improve your theater, marginally, but will not deliver the performance a private home theater deserves.

What condition does the room need to be in before installation?

Room preparation for CinemaTech ARS is a simple straight forward matter that your General Contractor or builder will be guided through by CinemaTech’s theater management team.

Does CinemaTech provide A/V components?

No, CinemaTech partners with the finest audio-video professionals in the world. We design the theater space to seamlessly work with the equipment provided by the audio-video professionals.

Is ARS available outside the USA?

Yes, CinemaTech ARS has been installed all across the globe.


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