CinemaTech Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

DESIGN STORIES   | July 23, 2019



Celebrating 20 Years

In 1998, when a neighbor of CinemaTech’s founder, Michael Murphy, was looking for a quality seat for his home cinema, little did Michael know that this would turn into a 20-year success story. When CinemaTech brought the Valentino to market 20 years ago, it became the start of a revolution within the home theater market. Never before had a high-quality, performance theater seat, with stunning looks been created for a home cinema.

It’s hard to believe that one person’s search for a premium home cinema seat would evolve into the premiere resource for the home cinema industry; providing not only seating but patented acoustical treatment and world-renowned design services. In fact, you cannot watch a professional sporting event or read The Wall Street Journal without seeing a CinemaTech client.

Today, CinemaTech enables audio-video integrators across the globe to provide the finest home-cinema experience.


It’s About the People

Celebrating our 20 year anniversary is about the people we work with; not just our employees but our partners and integrators around the globe. “20 years, it goes by in the blink of an eye” said Founder Michael Murphy. “Over the years, CinemaTech has been privileged to work with the best integrators in the county. But to be able to call them friends is the best!”


Memory Lane

We recently took a step down memory lane, looking at some of the very first theaters we did.

One of the very first Espada installations in Dallas, TX USA, circa 2001


CEDIA 2014 Theater of the Year!


Certainly one of the most stunning theaters we’ve designed. This Cape Cod theater included our Valentino seat, ARS acoustical treatment, LED column and cove lighting and star ceiling.


This modern home theater design featured our Valentino seats, modern wood beams, star ceiling and LED column lighting.


Home cinemas have certainly evolved over the years. This recent Tennessee cinema is a place for the entire family to lounge and watch a movie or game!

Here’s To The Next 20 Years

While there are many elements are changing in our industry, one thing that will never change is our commitment to our employees, partners and dealers around the globe. Our focus on the customer experience and providing exceptional support to our channel partners was critical to the first 20 years and will be going forward.

“I’m looking forward to helping create lifelong memories for our clients in the finest home theaters in America and around the globe” says Matt Denton, Vice President of Sales. “I’m highly passionate about finding more ways for homeowners to have the best viewing experience possible.”

CinemaTech’s family heritage and humble roots have been admired across the industry. Five years ago, Alexandria Murphy entered the family business and has made significant impacts to CinemaTech’s future. “This company is part of me. From growing up in the business to now having an active role in the company – it is incredible to see how the company has grown” says Alexandria Murphy. “I feel incredibly proud of my father for creating a business that has operated at the highest quality, whether it is with our internal team, our incredible AV dealers or the homeowner, for the last 20 years. It’s a true blessing to have the team we do, the success of the last 20 years and a future that holds such excitement and promise.”

To our partners, audio-video integrators, friends and family that have supported us on this 20 year journey, we want to say thank you!



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