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With Comfort &
Performance of
A Theater

While not every home can accommodate an enclosed theater, the space you entertain in should perform and be as comfortable as a private cinema. CinemaTech’s luxury theater sofas and chaises look just as beautiful in your living room or media room as they do in a theater. Paired with our unique acoustical treatment for open spaces, your room can be transformed into an amazing space for entertainment and relaxation.

Media Rooms,

Living Rooms &

Flex Spaces

Sofa &
Lounge Seating

CinemaTech sofa and lounge seating combines style, exceptional craftsmanship and performance into a seat for your living room, media room or theater.

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Acoustical Treatment For
Open Spaces

Control sound attenuation, in any room, with a seamless appearance.

While wood floors, stone countertops and high ceilings are elements for stunning spaces, they don’t always provide the best acoustical experience. Echoes are a common occurrence in these beautiful spaces and can lead to frustration when listening to music, having conversations or watching movies.

Create Clean, Crisp, Seamless Expanse of Walls and Ceilings

Virtually any wall or ceiling can take advantage of Chorus. Whether you are wanting to mask built-in speakers on the wall or have a hidden solution to dampen sound in a space, Chorus seamlessly spans rooms up to 16’ wide by 50’ long.

Acoustical Enhancement Blended into the Design of the Space

Any architectural design can be accomodated using the Chorus system. Whether you want the wall or ceiling to blend with the space or be the feature of the room, Chorus blends perfectly with the architect’s imagination and homeowner’s needs.

Beautiful Acoustics Within Any Room in the House

Chorus, by CinemaTech, can be installed into living spaces of any size and shape – family rooms, hallways, kitchens and even basements can be accomodated. Creating openings for vents, lights and other penetrations is simple, as cutouts will resist edge fraying and distortion of the fabric structure.

Durable and Simple Maintenance

The Chorus system is easy to maintain. The fabric can simply be vacuumed and regular cleaning agents can be used for spot removal.

Outstanding Acoustical Performance

Creating rich acoustics is achieved with as little as 1.25” in overall thickness – making it ideal even for rooms with limited headroom. When tuned with CinemaTech’s ARS treatment, acoustical performance can be acheived down to 125hz.

Perfect for Media Rooms

Open areas, such as media rooms, can be a challenge to get rich acoustical performance. Using Chorus, the acoustics in your media room can perform like a theater, but keep the appearance and design of a media room.

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