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Michael Murphy


For the past 22 years, I have had the absolute pleasure of guiding CinemaTech from startup to becoming the unparalleled leader in luxury home theater interiors, acoustics and seating. CinemaTech’s mission “is to meet our clients’ expectations one theater or seat at a time.” Our clientele is “a who’s who of the business, professional athlete and entertainment industry.” It is virtually impossible to read the WSJ, attend a major sporting event or watch a major motion picture without seeing a CinemaTech client.

I am extremely proud of the Team at CinemaTech. Team members with tenure as long as 19 years and an average tenure of over a decade CinemaTech brings tremendous experience to each and every project. We strive to have an inclusive and respectful work environment.

Since 1999, CinemaTech has worked with some of the best Audio Video Dealers across the country.


The relationships we have with our AV partners enables us to bring the highest quality and performing theater imaginable. That many of these partners have become friends and colleagues is one of the true joys of being a part of CinemaTech.


Memorable Home Screening Project

“On my Dell computer, I emailed Mr. Dell to thank him for being a CinemaTech customer. Within 15 minutes he returned my email, said he was thrilled we were Dell customers, that he and his family enjoy their CinemaTech seating and that we make a great product. Yes, his email is framed and on my office wall.”

Alexandria Murphy

Executive Vice President

Alexandria Murphy has been involved in CinemaTech most of her life as her first job was sorting leather rings in middle school. She has formally been involved in the company since 2014.

After graduating top of her class from Bentley University, Alexandria was recruited into the corporate world where she consulted on top brands such as Zappos, Adidas Group, Reebok and Bank of America. Although she has a deep appreciation for the processes and sophistication she learned during this time, when her father Michael Murphy, the owner of CinemaTech, called and asked her to join as the Northeast sales rep, Alexandria knew it was the right decision.

During college, Alexandria studied international business and art in Florence Italy, which sparked her love for architecture, food, wine, and interior design eventually leading her to take courses in interior architecture post-college.


She was recently invited into Entrepreneurial Organization, a global network that supports and teaches business owners around the world.

Her most important mentor is her father, who she would regularly go to work with as a child. They both share a deep love of business and all things entrepreneurial. Her goal as she takes on more leadership at CinemaTech is to honor the core values the company was founded on and continue to grow a beautiful, successful company with happy employees and the number one focus making sure every customer is happy they hired CinemaTech.

Alexandria loves animals and has a rescue bulldog. She also loves boating, skiing and travel. She has visited over 15 countries and takes all these experiences and ideas into CinemaTech – having a well-rounded and global perspective is huge to building a great company and creating great design. The commitment to her clients and team to provide the absolute highest level of detail, quality and execution has been described as “unprecedented.”


Memorable Home Screening Project

“I was walking a jobsite in Miami, a very exclusive home, and a worker proposed a solution to the owner about an issue with the driveway. The owner gave him $50 dollars, and that was the system on the job. If someone offered a good solution to the problem, the owner would give them a thank you. I ended up getting to know the owner well throughout the project. He was so motivating to his team and kind to everyone. We eventually ended up doing three houses for the client.
My most memorable home screening projects are the ones where we are getting to work with families for the second or third time. You get to know these families and see how having the theater has created a space for them to bond.”

Matt Denton

Vice President

Matt Denton CinemaTech

Throughout my 12 years with CinemaTech, I have had the pleasure of working on more than 1,000 home theater projects, as well as opening our showroom in California.

My professional life has always focused on enriching people’s lives through their living spaces. Prior to joining CinemaTech I developed three subdivisions and constructed more than 40 homes for American Legend Homes.

I earned a Bachelor of Construction Science from the University of Oklahoma. A Dean’s List student, I also served as Vice President of the college chapter of the National Association of Home Builders.


Memorable Home Screening Project

“Without question, my most memorable project involves a client who wanted to add a screening room to his vacation home but had no space. We resolved his challenge by creating an underground cinema space with a 20’ wide screen, a 14-bay star ceiling, and two large rows of luxury seating with a sizable sofa-bed in the front row—it was amazing.”


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