Over 20 Years of Creating the

Finest Home Cinema Experience

  • 1998

    CinemaTech is Founded

    In 1998, when a neighbor of CinemaTech’s founder, Michael Murphy, was looking for a quality seat for his home cinema, little did Michael know that this would turn into a 20-year success story. Michael and his business partner traveled to Germany, meeting the famed designer to create what soon became the Valentino.

  • 1999

    Valentino Makes its CEDIA Debut

    CinemaTech debuts the legendary Valentino German Incliner at CEDIA, receiving rave reviews. It is believed that this was the start of the luxury home cinema seating industry.

  • 2003

    CinemaTech Introduces Its Theater Design Department

    With the introduction of the Theater Design Department, CinemaTech was able to provide expert design services, specifically for the home cinema. CinemaTech’s Theater Design Department was created to help A/V Integrators, Architects and Designers properly plan for correct sight-lines, seating arrangements and sound quality to create the finest experience.

  • 2005

    Acoustic Room Systems (ARS) Joins the CinemaTech Family

    After years of partnering on numerous home cinema installations, CinemaTech acquires ARS and becomes the exclusive supplier of the patented acoustical treatment. The acquisition of ARS was another game-changing moment for CinemaTech; as it was able to offer its world-class design services around a product that provides the absolute best acoustic performance with endless design potential.

  • 2008

    CinemaTech Launches ACT II Incliners

    CinemaTech expands its product offering to include incliners made in the USA. This expansion allowed CinemaTech to offer unique customization to its Incliner collection with a reduced lead time. 

  • 2008

    CinemaTech's Design Service Program is Created

    With many successful theater designs completed for projects around the world, CinemaTech introduced an innovative way for homeowners to create and visualize their home theater.  The Design Service Program enables clients to see their theater in 2D CAD drawings and photo realistic 3D renderings before making the complete theater room purchase.

  • 2012

    CinemaTech Launches ACT II Sofas

    CinemaTech continues its US expansion with the addition of luxury home-cinema sofas. By offering luxury, performance, home-cinema sofas, CinemaTech is able to offer a complete seating arrangement for any type of theater or media room.

  • 2014

    CinemaTech Launches Ready-to-Order M3

    With the success of the Act I and Act II seat offerings, CinemaTech launched an “in-stock” seating program. This highly successful seat, modeled after the Act II Mezzanine, is offered in black or brown top-grain leather within a simple configuration while still maintaining the same build quality of the Act II line.

  • 2017

    CinemaTech Introduces the Estrella

    CinemaTech’s introduction of the German Estella Sofa changed the game, again, for the home-cinema industry. Featuring a separate motorized headrest, exclusive European styling, built on German engineering, the Estrella quickly became a crowd favorite.

  • 2017

    CinemaTech Opens Its California Experience Center

    By opening its California showroom in the prestigious Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, CinemaTech was able to provide stronger, first-hand support to the West-Coast market. Since opening the showroom in 2017, CinemaTech has been become the preferred seating, acoustical treatment and design partner in California.

  • 2017

    CinemaTech Opens Its Florida Experience Center

    CinemaTech’s Florida showroom at DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas) was long awaited! Responding to an exceptionally high demand for its legendary seating, acoustical treatment and design services, CinemaTech’s Florida showroom presents its expansive seating offering in conjunction with Planar’s world-class screens.

  • 2018

    CinemaTech Opens its 4th Experience Center

    Partnering with Momentum Group, in Denver, CO, CinemaTech established its 4th experience center. Clients, Designers and AV Integrators can visit the Denver, CO location to not only experience CinemaTech products, but also a full line of technology represented by Momentum Group.

  • 2019

    CinemaTech Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

    When CinemaTech brought the Valentino to market 20 years ago, it became the start of a revolution within the home theater market. Never before had a high-quality, performance theater seat, with stunning looks been created for a home cinema. 20 years later, CinemaTech continues to be the leader in creating the world’s finest home cinema experiences.

  • 2020

    CinemaTech Launches Solserene for Open Space Acoustical Treatments

    After spending the first 20 years mainly in the theater room, CinemaTech continues to get requests for treatments for other rooms in the home to hide large, high performance speakers as well as reduce the annoying echo that is created with hardwood and tile floors, large windows and hard surfaces.  With the addition of Solserene, CinemaTech can now treat areas that are 16’ tall by 50’ wide without a seam.


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