CinemaTech Named Top Seating Manufacturer by CE Pro – 2017

CinemaTech Luxury Home Theater interior design with luxury home theater seating and home theater acoustical treatment
DESIGN STORIES   | December 20, 2018



CinemaTech Named Top Seating Manufacturer by CE Pro – 2017

CinemaTech is proud to once again be named the top home theater seating manufacturer by the CE Pro’s annual Brand Analysis study for 2017.  From survey of the top annual sales Audio Video Integrators, CinemaTech has been awarded this prestigious award numerous times over the last 18 years.


Click to View: CE Pro Award webpage – 2017 Seating

Michael Murphy, CinemaTech’s Founder and President:

 “The beauty is in the details. We appreciate the intricacies and the attributes that make our seats and theaters the industry’s golden standard. Our quest for perfection is unending.”

Proudly built in Germany with precision and craftsmanship.

Combining the best in European classic design, the precision of German engineering, and American ingenuity and style, CinemaTech seating is designed from the inside out for comfort and quality.  CinemaTech is the only choice to maximize your home theater experience. CinemaTech Seating has been recognized as the leader in home theater seating since 1998. We maintain this honor by extending to our customers unsurpassed quality, luxurious comfort, and cutting-edge style.

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