Our Brand

An Entrepreneurial Story

Over 20 years ago, entrepreneur, Michael Murphy uncovered the challenges of designing a premium home theater by watching his neighbor create theirs. Not only was finding quality seating a challenge but creating a room that was acoustically sound was next to impossible. By noticing these pain points and challenges, CinemaTech was founded to create a private cinema experience that delivered premium comfort and acoustical treatment to accentuate the audio technology in the space.

A Passion For Perfection

The beauty is in the details. CinemaTech appreciates and values the intricacies and the attributes that make our seating and theaters the industry’s gold standard. Our quest for perfection is unending.

Our Culture & Core Values

CinemaTech’s core values are the framework of our brand and culture. They define why we exist and how we work with clients and partners. Each of our values is a pillar of our 20+ year sucess story and defines our path forward.

Put the Client First

Above all else, do what it takes to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and partners.

Quality & Craftsmanship

Dedication to the finest product and deliverables for our clients.

Design Thinking

Commited to listening to our customers and being focused not on how things are, but how things might be.

Leading With Expertise

CinemaTech is the expert in private cinema comfort and design. We continue to lead with our expertise to provide our customers and partners with an unmateched premium experience.

Respect for Team Members

Our team is our family. This value defines our belief in leveraging each others’ strengths and supporting them in growth opportunities.


Committed to remaining agile and resourceful.

Materials & Craftsmanship

Form and function are only as good as the materials utilized and the hand-made creation behind it. CinemaTech’s materials and craftsmanship solidify us as the industry’s gold standard.


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