Bespoke design process creates a memorable theater experience

CinemaTech Luxury Home Theater interior design with luxury home theater seating and home theater acoustical treatment
DESIGN STORIES   | December 19, 2018


When homeowners invest in a home cinema, naturally the first thing that comes to mind is the audio and video equipment for the space. Exploring the latest and greatest features and benefits can be both exhilarating and exhausting.

When creating a bespoke home cinema, the experience is only as good as the weakest link. There is much more that goes into making a great theater beyond equipment. You can have the best equipment money can buy, but if you don’t have proper design, acoustics, and seating the performance and experience will suffer.

How can you get the most out of your investment?

Recently, a US-based AV dealer enlisted CinemaTech to assist a homeowner in designing an experience that would make the most of the AV equipment that was specified as well as create a physically comfortable and visually appealing space. The project came with its set of challenges, including sound isolation, design intent and truncated timeline.

During the discovery phase with the designer, CinemaTech learned of a very specific vision for the room which needed to blend with performance requirements. CinemaTech need to find an acoustically transparent wall fabric that met the design intent, but still met the performance requirements. Additionally, the client was very particular about sound escaping the room, interfering with other activities in the home.

Utilizing CinemaTech’s Design Service Program, the client was expertly guided through all aspects of creating the best home theater experience including seating design, how and where to place seating (including riser height and depth), how to enhance the acoustics in the room with acoustical treatment in addition to the visual design of the space.

CinemaTech’s licensed design team consulted with the homeowner to share expertise on how to achieve the specific performance and design intent. During the consultation, CinemaTech took into account several parts of the theater including:

  • Design: Column placement with seams of the fabric, along with equipment locations.
  • Seating: Proper riser depth, riser height, riser location for viewing, walkways both in front of the seating and side
  • Lighting: how lighting direction effects the visual design of the space.
  • Acoustical Treatment: How can you maximize the impact of the audio technology in the space?

In return, CinemaTech provided AutoCAD drawings of the 4 walls, reflective ceiling and floor plan including seating layout with sight lines and viewing angles.  Following approval of the design, CinemaTech provided photo-quality, artisan, 3D renderings, which included the materials and finishes that were hand-selected by CinemaTech’s Theater Design Team.

As with any design and build process, there are several parties involved which can lead to confusion and missteps. The client chose CinemaTech not just because of their expertise, but the ability to function as the project manager and lead the entire process from concept to install and delivery. By being the point-person on the strategy and execution of this bespoke home cinema, the client’s concerns were put to ease, knowing that a world-class home cinema expert was leading each stage of the process.

Seating + Acoustics + Design

CinemaTech’s business, as it is today, was built on real-world client frustration in the bespoke theater process. After their owner delivered a seating project, he offered congratulations on their new home theater. The client gave a mixed response and shared their frustration on how the space sounded and the process to bring it to completion.

By listening to the homeowners’ pain points, CinemaTech developed a patented acoustical treatment system as well as formed a theater design team to ensure the homeowner’s and A/V dealers’ satisfaction.

CinemaTech’s bespoke Design Services Program allows homeowners to enhance their experience and space with seating and acoustical treatment, uniquely designed for each space. Their work can be found across the globe for the most discerning clientele including, but not limited to celebrities, athletic players, and company executives.

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