5 Ways to Stay Active During a Movie Marathon

DESIGN STORIES   | May 21, 2020



One of the most exciting events in a movie fanatic’s life is kicking back and relaxing with a trio (or more) of related films. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Matrix, The Godfather… Many of the most well-known and beloved movie series’ must be watched together for the absolute best effect. However, sitting for hours and hours straight can become exhausting on the body, believe it or not. Of course, movie lovers are well trained for these hours — while some enjoy a racing marathon, others enjoy a film marathon, and there’s nothing wrong with either… But that doesn’t mean you can’t combine the two activities! Read on for our top # ways you can stay active during a lengthy movie marathon.


Ah, nothing feels better than a good stretch – and it’s a fantastic way to keep your body engaged and active. Fitness isn’t all about cardio and muscle-burning moves. Sometimes, the best exercises are slow and simple and help to refresh your joints. Reach up, down, side to side… Move your neck, touch your toes. Work on your flexibility while watching your favorite movie!

Tricep dips.

This exercise is a bit more challenging, but it puts you in the perfect position to enjoy your film while toning your muscles. This is similar to a wall sit, except you place your hands behind you on the seat of your chair with your legs bent in front and slowly dip your arms down to really feel the burn. Just… maybe avoid this one during a scary movie so you don’t fall.

Leg presses.

While sitting, slide to the edge of the seat (where you most likely already are if it’s a great scene) and place a ball between your thighs. Squeeze and unsqueeze the ball regularly to work your legs and glutes. This is great for particularly suspenseful scenes.

Side planks.

It’s kind of like laying down… except you’re balancing your weight up! Kick back and balance your arm on the seat of your chair with your legs out-stretched to the side in front of you. Hold this position as long as you can. If you’re watching a movie with friends, you can even turn it into a competition.

Or… just get up and move around!

Been sitting too long? Don’t feel like overly exercising? That’s okay too! You can rejuvenate your body by simply taking a moment to stand up, walk around and sit back down again. Any activity helps.

Enjoy your next movie-watching night while knocking out your workout for the day for the ultimate sense of productivity and entertainment. It’s a win-win!

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