4 Movie Night Must-Haves

DESIGN STORIES   | May 12, 2020



One of the best parts of watching a movie at home (especially in a perfectly set up theater room) is the ability to make the experience as relaxing and personalized as possible. If you’re a true movie fanatic, this may be the very best part of your week – enjoying a new release, old favorite or all-night trilogy marathon. So, get the most out of it by indulging in these movie night must-haves.

A soft blanket – with material dependent on your personal preference.

Of course, when you think of comfort, you think of a blanket. That’s one of the most underrated perks of watching a movie at home… you get to snuggle up with a blanket! However, it can’t just be any blanket; it has to be a blanket you will love. Some people can’t stand overheating in heavy fleece, while others thrive in the warmth. Some people like a cool cotton sheet, while others prefer a gentle satin touch. Find what you like best and melt into the cushions.

Comfortable clothes, fresh out of the drier.

Trust us, if you’ve never watched a movie in fresh, warm clothes, you’re in for a treat. Unless you’re dressing to impress, choose your favorite t-shirt and a pair of loose shorts or pants – then stick them in the washer (possibly with a nice scent) and then switch them to the drier when you can time it to ring right before you want to start your movie. Simply luxurious!


What movie is complete without snacks? Even if you think you don’t want anything to crunch on, bring an option anyway. Movies are long – and marathons are even longer – so, you never know when your stomach will rumble for a treat… or if the movie will have a particularly stressful scene that requires nail-biting concentration. Save your nails, chew on your snacks. You can even swap the typical buttery popcorn and candy combination for a variety of healthy snacks instead.

A basket… yes, really!

That way, you can bring all of your essentials to your seat without having to get up and down or break your focus from the screen. Keep the remote, your phone, glasses, gum and anything else you typically want close by in the basket. This keeps everything together so you know exactly where each item is when you need it most.

Are you ready for your next movie night? With this list, now you are! Don’t settle for mere comfort alone… go all out and escape to a world of indulgence – right at home. What would you add to this list?

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