How Watching Movies Can Bring People Together

DESIGN STORIES   | May 5, 2020



No matter our differences, one thing seems universal, our love of movies. Motion pictures provide us the opportunity to escape our real-world problems and go on amazing adventures regardless of our age, race, religion, or location. Additionally, there’s nothing quite like a film that allows us to sit quietly for two hours that eventually provides us with days, months, and even years worth of topics to discuss. That’s why when it comes to bringing people together, there’s nothing quite like a good movie. We are going to look at three ways motion pictures go beyond entertainment and provide us a wonderful way to bond and socialize.

Physically bring people together

Whether you meet at a theater, or you host a watch party in your high-tech home theater, movies are great for inspiring people to get together. And when you add good food and drink to the equation, it reaches whole new levels. If you decide to leverage the awesomeness of your theater room, you can plan an entire event including a delicious meal. Family and friends gathering not only to socialize around food but to also share an amazing movie experience. That’s the power of film.

Exposure to other cultures

Another way movies can bring people together is by providing individuals from around the world the means to learn about cultures different than their own. Enriching films that offer accurate glances into cultures are best when it comes to this topic, but even movies set in an exotic locale with every little educational value can open eyes to new experiences. You can watch a movie from your theater room in California that whisks you away to the jungles of Borneo. Something as simple as watching a movie can help you feel closer to faraway cultures. And provide you with a better understanding of how and why people do things in cultures far different than your own.  

Topics galore

You can meet someone from anywhere in the country or world and most likely you’ve both viewed some of the same movies. Motion pictures equip you with the perfect conversation starter.  Furthermore, when you gather with friends and family, nothing can inspire lively conversations quite like movies. From discussing (or debating) the five best Tom Hanks films to deciding if Star Wars or Star Trek is the leader in the world of Sci-Fi, movies  can give you countless hours of fun conversation topics that can help start and sustain lasting friendships.

It’s incredible when you think about the impacts of film that goes well beyond entertainment. They educate, enlighten, and, of course, bring us closer together. Truly a powerful medium.

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