7 Stunning Home Theater Designs

DESIGN STORIES   | April 14, 2020



Going to the local theater to enjoy the latest blockbuster release can make for a wonderful evening out, but sometimes you just do not feel like leaving the comfort of your own home. Enter the home theater. A place where you can enjoy your favorite films without the crowds, overpriced snacks, and sticky seats. Furthermore, if you decide to invest in a beautiful home theater like the ones featured below, you may never want to leave your home. Without further ado, here is our featured presentation.

When you equip this stunning design with a cutting-edge sound system, you’ll not only be the envy of your neighbors, but the local cinemas as well.

Sitting is so overrated. In this beautiful design you can choose to sit in the second row but why not just lounge in the first?

Classic is great but sometimes you want to express your personality. This design features modern flair that most definitely will spark lively conversations in addition to stylish move watching.

You aren’t always locked into movies when you use your cinema room. When you can’t go to the course, you have to bring the course to you.

From classic movies to classic design. If you prefer tried and true, this design will be an award winner in your home.

No need to pile into the SUV for family movie night. This family-friendly design may even inspire your children to put down their phones and tablets.

When you mix modern style with traditional design, the result is an amazing cinema room. With enough seating for you, your family and plenty of friends.

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