Staying Home: Benefits of a Home Theater Room

DESIGN STORIES   | April 21, 2020



Enjoying a new release in a state-of-the-art movie theater can be extremely exciting. However, sometimes the hassle of getting ready, driving to the theater, finding a parking spot and dealing with droves of people just isn’t in the cards. Quite frankly, Dorothy said it best when she uttered the words “there’s no place like home” and that includes activities like watching your favorite movies. So, it follows that investing in an amazing theater room is a wise move. Want more proof? Here are five benefits of adding an awesome theater room to your home.

Fewer people, fewer distractions

Unless you live in a home with hundreds of other people, you’ll be dealing with fewer distractions when you decide to watch a movie at home instead of the theater.  What kind of distractions you ask? Well, you won’t have to worry about someone blocking your view, talking throughout the movie, and spilling soft drinks on your shoes. Or getting up to use the restroom during the best part of the movie. Speaking of which.

Your convenient facilities

Public restrooms are rarely a joy but at the movie theater, they can be a real inconvenience. Not only are you going to miss some of the movie, but occasionally you’re not the only one that feels the need for a break. Cue the long lines. So, now you are absent during what most likely will be an important part of the film and you may have a wait to use the restroom. That’s a lose-lose.

You control the action

Using the above example, wouldn’t it be nice to hit the pause button when you need to use the bathroom? Well at home you can stop the action any time you’d like. Furthermore, not only can you pause the action, but you can also control the volume. Imagine pumping up the sound on your very own high-tech surround system in your home theater room. Or in some cases, keeping the volume down. Movie theaters can crank up the volume a wee bit high for some. Regardless of how you like the volume, you’re in control at home.

Access to your favorite foods, at much lower prices

Your kitchen is mere steps away when you enjoy a movie in your home theater room. That means you have access to your favorite foods any time you’d like, and at a fraction of the price. Hit the pause button on your remote and venture into your kitchen for popcorn, candy, or something a bit more involved like guacamole and chips. The culinary choices are endless when you skip the theater and stay home.

Take sports to the next level

Not only can you skip the trip to the movie theater, but you can also forgo fighting the crowds at the stadium, arena, or ballpark. Imagine enjoying the big game at home with your choice of food and company. Did you miss a big play? No worries, you can just hit rewind on your DVR and cheer on the action with your family and friends. Truly, nothing can beat the experience of watching a game at home with a big screen and bass-thumping surround sound system.

From the convenience of staying at home to controlling the action to having access to your favorite foods, investing in a home theater room is a win for the whole family. And you can skip those sticky floors. Need we say more?

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